Dogs Competition Around the World

You always wanted your dog to be well trained, well-tamed, and obedient to your command. You can train since 3 months age. If your dog already for it, you can bring it to competition through community or even far beyond like international competition. There are couple of assessment of each every competition.

Interesting Dog Competition

This competition usually came with obstacles that dog must to be running, jumping or crawl in each obstacle. Every obstacle are guided with the owner. The fastest is the winner, usually

Are commonly with dog move by order from the owner to move with the music they chosen. It need special condition like walk, twist, weaving, jumping, dogs need to be well-trained and have special bond to obey to the owner.

It’s competition that based on purebreds dog, depend on their natural beauty of each breeds. Contestant are assessment through jury as determine to be top of purebreds. Winners are conformation to maintain the highest standard and highest quality of the breed so it will still remain as purebreds.

Is a catching disc competition, some need owner to play together with the dog in freestyle mode.

Dock Jumping
Dogs must be jump from the dog into the water, the longest and highest are the winner. Jumping are like human long jump. Distance jumping is a dog jumping from the dock but chasing toy or something thrown from owner, dog need to be fast and precise accurate.

Is a team contestant must chasing tennis ball sized. Each dog has to catch faster and give back then second dog continue, it continuing until 4th dog. Fastest are winner.

Herding competition is an act that shepherd as a trial. Nowadays dogs are live in city, they can’t do what must do naturally. It’s more fun to watch this herding trial.

Dogs are must chasing artificial lure and sometimes has obstacle on it. Traditionally the lure are hare, or any other animal but nowadays they change to artificial. It also race with other dogs.

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