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Understand Dog Barking Sound and Meaning

We know that our lovely dog like to bark. They are expressing their emotion, Happy, sad, frustrated, scared, bored, hungry. They sometimes barking to tell others, or feel threaten even missing the owner, or someone they love has been left. Barking is one of the ways they communicate to other beings.

Dog barking too much can bother other people or your neighbourhood. But never bark also make the dog strange things happen. You have to figure it out why they bark too much. Dog barking can also a signal to their mental health problem. If you already understand them why they are barking too much, you can start to teach them. Here some explanation dork barking.

Listening dog barking

Territorial endangers. Dogs are making their own territorial area, when someone / something reach to theirs and they feel threatened, dog will bark too much. For example if guest reach to your house they will know, reach them and start to bark, even it’s not dangerous but they feel their territory are being entered by strangers. It also mean protection and alert status.

Boredom / need attention / play. Dork barking also mean they need some activities with owner or person they understand. If they feel lonely they also bark themselves, because dog isn’t lone pet. Usually they bark to get attention to others.

That are some of example why they are barking too much, you can also threat them and teach them. First after understand why your dog barking excessively. Try to reach and tell to be quite, don’t give anything yet so they can understand that they must be quite. After that you can bring them to what they want, for example if they need attention or want to play then bring them out. You can give extra snack on last moment. If your dog are still barking too much or excessively barking that they didn’t do on previous week / day, you can send or ask doctor. It can be shown as mental health problem.

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