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Maintain Your Lovely and Adorable Dog

Dog is a lovely pet and have highest loyal point if you threat and care also maintain well. Dog can be your lifetime companion, they serve to the owner very well. But to maintain it, you need to understand each other, what they need and what they shouldn’t need it. Caring too much can cause your dog became lazy, pampered.

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There are bunch of tips to maintain your dog, start from dietary, grooming, accessories, train some basic skills. First you have to know which type of pet you have, then categorize it as body type. Big dog will have more food and snack rather than small dog. Agile dog must need outdoor activity or they need bigger area to play around. Bigger type of dog will make you spend more bucks to get standard maintain.

Dietary products may have variety of type, from canned food to dog food / snacks, some products offering special nutrition for example if your dog are getting excessive hair loss, or your pet feel boring with certain type of food, you can replace it. Don’t give too much food, your dog can get obese. Nowadays dog food have many variation from wet/dry type of food, or hard and chewy snacks. Your dog can get bored or if they changed appetite drastically, you should bring them to the doctor.

Grooming is making your dog keep healthy on the outside and get more stylish. Dog grooming is quite popular these days. Usually for cute type of dog now can get different style of haircut, they can be as cute as possible than before. Dog grooming also maintain your dog hair.

Accessories is a million type of it. Start from collar, cloth, crates, kernel, toys, harness, bed, into a GPS tracker. Crates, kernel, bed, toys must have different size for your dog, choose that suitable for them. Collar, leashes, harness may have different size and material. Usually big or stronger dog need solid material chain to keep them stay protected from the owner.

With technology, Dog accessories are come with it. For example dog food storage that can threw some automatically from your smartphone. Or smart home camera that can see your dog activity inside the house when you are outside.

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