Dog in Folklore That Passed Through The Generations

Dog has been long story from myth to folklore. Everything we knew now, actually has every story behind it. Dog has been very popular since ancient times. Dog always a great companion from human to other creature like god. There are alot of good or bad story in it.

We Will Discuss Every Dog Folklore Story

Dog myth from ancient

Dog in Greek Mythology

One of the dog that we all knew from greek mythology is Cerberus. Cerberus is a demon hellhound that appear with 3 headed and 1 body and 4 legs. Cerberus known as Hades’s dog, as a guard in underworld’s gate sometimes describe with snake tail.

Dog in Japanese Mythology

In Japan, they believe inugami is form as spirit dog or sometimes form as fox. Some theory said inugami can be summoned through kiling dog and burried them with head on it. Soul of inugami could curse anyone around it.

Dog in Chinese Mythology

In a Chinese Mythology, Tianguo is good dog spirit that can bring peace and protection with sometime appear as fox. Not only Tianguo, as a regular dog. Chinese are putting them in 12 zodiac.

Dog in Norse Mythology

There are some dog in Norse mythology, one is Garmr and Fenrir. They are actually looks like wolf rather than a dog. Garmr is guardian of hel’s gate. And Fenrir is son of loki that has great strenght to bring the ragnarok (doomsday), in the story, Fenrir will avenge and war to the god of thunder Thor.

Dog in Christianity

Saint Roch has many dog follower, someday he went for humanity movement with his dogs. Later on, Saint Roch was contracting with the plague appear on his skin, but his dogs came a keep licking on it that makes the wound healed. This story went to Roman Catholic Church that makes dog is a human friends.

Dog in Gambling Mythology

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