The 5 Most Crazy Myths About Dogs You Should Know

Myths about dogs are often told by people around us, can also be found on the tv or internet, but is it true? The discovery of this myth has also been studied in various countries. And now you can also see in online videos, even proven by our neighbors.

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Wanna know more? Let’s discuss this.

    1. Dog and Cat are the mortal enemies

This is the most known myth all around the world. Some people think that way but in fact, they can be friends. If you have dogs and cats, you can start to introduce them slowly. They surely will get along with each other and became friends. Love them both equally, get to know their behavior and they will become your friends forever.

    1. If dogs moving their tails, it means they are very happy?

That is one of the characteristics of dogs, but moving the tail does not always mean happiness. Sometimes moving the tail can mean fear, an aggressive position, an unpleasant position, less enthusiastic, relaxed, or a suspicious position. There are so many meaning behinds the dogs moving tails, so It’s better to recognize their body language more deeply.

    1. Dogs often Barking When See Ghosts

This one too is most often heard in our ears. Many things are caused by dogs why they bark themselves without cause. It could be that they give an introductory code to the dogs around, or they can also see the color or shape of items that are not liked. So it doesn’t mean there’s a ghost when dog barking hahaha.

    1. The dog is color blind

They are not color blind, it’s just that the color spectrum in dogs’ eyes is not as much as in human eyes. But it makes the dog’s eyes can see brighter at night. But eyes on dogs cannot be focused like human eyes. This has been widely tested by dog associations such as AKC, ADA, IKK. So the dog is not color blind guys, even their eyes are so much sharper than our eyes.

    1. An adult dog cannot be trained

The theory in general, dogs aged 3 months to 1 year is a golden period to be trained. But that does not mean that the older dogs cannot be trained. Aged dogs can be trained but need more patience and discipline, provided their conditions are also possible to be trained. And if you have more money to spare, you can hire a dog trainer to make sure your dog trained properly.

That’s all 5 popular myths about dogs that we can show you. Do you have another myth to share? don’t mind giving us a comment so we can talk about other myths that you know. Stay tuned and thank you!

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