Dog in Folklore That Passed Through The Generations

Dog has been long story from myth to folklore. Everything we knew now, actually has every story behind it. Dog has been very popular since ancient times. Dog always a great companion from human to other creature like god. There are alot of good or bad story in it.

We Will Discuss Every Dog Folklore Story

Dog myth from ancient

Dog in Greek Mythology

One of the dog that we all knew from greek mythology is Cerberus. Cerberus is a demon hellhound that appear with 3 headed and 1 body and 4 legs. Cerberus known as Hades’s dog, as a guard in underworld’s gate sometimes describe with snake tail.

Dog in Japanese Mythology

In Japan, they believe inugami is form as spirit dog or sometimes form as fox. Some theory said inugami can be summoned through kiling dog and burried them with head on it. Soul of inugami could curse anyone around it.

Dog in Chinese Mythology

In a Chinese Mythology, Tianguo is good dog spirit that can bring peace and protection with sometime appear as fox. Not only Tianguo, as a regular dog. Chinese are putting them in 12 zodiac.

Dog in Norse Mythology

There are some dog in Norse mythology, one is Garmr and Fenrir. They are actually looks like wolf rather than a dog. Garmr is guardian of hel’s gate. And Fenrir is son of loki that has great strenght to bring the ragnarok (doomsday), in the story, Fenrir will avenge and war to the god of thunder Thor.

Dog in Christianity

Saint Roch has many dog follower, someday he went for humanity movement with his dogs. Later on, Saint Roch was contracting with the plague appear on his skin, but his dogs came a keep licking on it that makes the wound healed. This story went to Roman Catholic Church that makes dog is a human friends.

Dog in Gambling Mythology

According to Chinese dog year folklore, there is some of things that become a general knowledge until now. For example, dog lucky numbers are 3,4,9 and the unlucky numbers are 1,7,8. Another one is dog lucky color are red and green, so stick to roulette table or slot machines that have configuration of this colors. There also time frame that give you the maximum gambling luck around 19:00 – 21:00, but it doesn’t mean that you should stop betting outside that time frame. Because online casino website like is accessible and playable in 24 hour a day, basically it’s operating every day since established in 2015 serving many betting option like soccer betting, casino and slot games. And you know then you can get the more chance of winning bet in that lucky hours.

Maintain Your Lovely and Adorable Dog

Featured lovely dog

Dog is a lovely pet and have highest loyal point if you threat and care also maintain well. Dog can be your lifetime companion, they serve to the owner very well. But to maintain it, you need to understand each other, what they need and what they shouldn’t need it. Caring too much can cause your dog became lazy, pampered.

Dog playing ball

There are bunch of tips to maintain your dog, start from dietary, grooming, accessories, train some basic skills. First you have to know which type of pet you have, then categorize it as body type. Big dog will have more food and snack rather than small dog. Agile dog must need outdoor activity or they need bigger area to play around. Bigger type of dog will make you spend more bucks to get standard maintain.

Dietary products may have variety of type, from canned food to dog food / snacks, some products offering special nutrition for example if your dog are getting excessive hair loss, or your pet feel boring with certain type of food, you can replace it. Don’t give too much food, your dog can get obese. Nowadays dog food have many variation from wet/dry type of food, or hard and chewy snacks. Your dog can get bored or if they changed appetite drastically, you should bring them to the doctor.

Grooming is making your dog keep healthy on the outside and get more stylish. Dog grooming is quite popular these days. Usually for cute type of dog now can get different style of haircut, they can be as cute as possible than before. Dog grooming also maintain your dog hair.

Accessories is a million type of it. Start from collar, cloth, crates, kernel, toys, harness, bed, into a GPS tracker. Crates, kernel, bed, toys must have different size for your dog, choose that suitable for them. Collar, leashes, harness may have different size and material. Usually big or stronger dog need solid material chain to keep them stay protected from the owner.

With technology, Dog accessories are come with it. For example dog food storage that can threw some automatically from your smartphone. Or smart home camera that can see your dog activity inside the house when you are outside.

Dog Ability That You Haven’t Heard

Featured dog surfing

There are 8 million type of dog that may have some sort of speciality skill or traits. They come naturally because of their DNA from the ancestor. For examples if their ancestor is a wild hunter, they will have special trait for searching and finding. There bunch trait like that, but we will explain more generalization.

Dog sleep with toddler

  • Dog have more smell sensitivity than any creature in the world, they can find something that human can’t do only from their nose. Even strong barrier such as parfum, they can focus smell on it. The nose receptors are much more than human has.
  • Not only smelling skills, Dog also can hear more than human. Studies said dog can hear 5 times than human. They can hear ultra soundwave that greater than human can hear.
  • Dog can create strong bond to human, or any other animal.
  • Dog communicate not only with bark, they can do whines, whimpers, yawn, growls, howls with complex combination.
  • Dog also uses body language like moving tail, open/closed mouth.
  • Dog are omnivore, they can eat plant, meat, or any certain food.
  • Dog teeth are growing from depending what they are eaten. If they mostly eat meat, then the fangs are more sharpers than the dog usually eat fibre-type food. Because tooth and fang grow from chewing and biting.
  • Some dog breeds are highly intelligence. They can memorize, make sound, singing, or outside activity, and any other skill. Some breeds are trained to help police or military to help them to detect explosive things, or drugs.
  • Dog are fast move, always seeking information from their surroundings, investigating, and exploring. Some dog can run and reach up to 40 km/h.
  • Dog eyes have night vision so can see in the dark, their eyes are very great to capture every single light.
  • Dog can also feel empathy, it proved when family has baby born. Dog can protect the baby.

They can understand gestures and react to human order / voices.

Understand Dog Barking Sound and Meaning

Featured dog bark

We know that our lovely dog like to bark. They are expressing their emotion, Happy, sad, frustrated, scared, bored, hungry. They sometimes barking to tell others, or feel threaten even missing the owner, or someone they love has been left. Barking is one of the ways they communicate to other beings.

Dog barking too much can bother other people or your neighbourhood. But never bark also make the dog strange things happen. You have to figure it out why they bark too much. Dog barking can also a signal to their mental health problem. If you already understand them why they are barking too much, you can start to teach them. Here some explanation dork barking.

Listening dog barking

Territorial endangers. Dogs are making their own territorial area, when someone / something reach to theirs and they feel threatened, dog will bark too much. For example if guest reach to your house they will know, reach them and start to bark, even it’s not dangerous but they feel their territory are being entered by strangers. It also mean protection and alert status.

Boredom / need attention / play. Dork barking also mean they need some activities with owner or person they understand. If they feel lonely they also bark themselves, because dog isn’t lone pet. Usually they bark to get attention to others.

That are some of example why they are barking too much, you can also threat them and teach them. First after understand why your dog barking excessively. Try to reach and tell to be quite, don’t give anything yet so they can understand that they must be quite. After that you can bring them to what they want, for example if they need attention or want to play then bring them out. You can give extra snack on last moment. If your dog are still barking too much or excessively barking that they didn’t do on previous week / day, you can send or ask doctor. It can be shown as mental health problem.

Dogs Competition Around the World

You always wanted your dog to be well trained, well-tamed, and obedient to your command. You can train since 3 months age. If your dog already for it, you can bring it to competition through community or even far beyond like international competition. There are couple of assessment of each every competition.

Interesting Dog Competition

This competition usually came with obstacles that dog must to be running, jumping or crawl in each obstacle. Every obstacle are guided with the owner. The fastest is the winner, usually

Are commonly with dog move by order from the owner to move with the music they chosen. It need special condition like walk, twist, weaving, jumping, dogs need to be well-trained and have special bond to obey to the owner.

It’s competition that based on purebreds dog, depend on their natural beauty of each breeds. Contestant are assessment through jury as determine to be top of purebreds. Winners are conformation to maintain the highest standard and highest quality of the breed so it will still remain as purebreds.

Is a catching disc competition, some need owner to play together with the dog in freestyle mode.

Dock Jumping
Dogs must be jump from the dog into the water, the longest and highest are the winner. Jumping are like human long jump. Distance jumping is a dog jumping from the dock but chasing toy or something thrown from owner, dog need to be fast and precise accurate.

Is a team contestant must chasing tennis ball sized. Each dog has to catch faster and give back then second dog continue, it continuing until 4th dog. Fastest are winner.

Herding competition is an act that shepherd as a trial. Nowadays dogs are live in city, they can’t do what must do naturally. It’s more fun to watch this herding trial.

Dogs are must chasing artificial lure and sometimes has obstacle on it. Traditionally the lure are hare, or any other animal but nowadays they change to artificial. It also race with other dogs.

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