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There are 8 million type of dog that may have some sort of speciality skill or traits. They come naturally because of their DNA from the ancestor. For examples if their ancestor is a wild hunter, they will have special trait for searching and finding. There bunch trait like that, but we will explain more generalization.

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  • Dog have more smell sensitivity than any creature in the world, they can find something that human can’t do only from their nose. Even strong barrier such as parfum, they can focus smell on it. The nose receptors are much more than human has.
  • Not only smelling skills, Dog also can hear more than human. Studies said dog can hear 5 times than human. They can hear ultra soundwave that greater than human can hear.
  • Dog can create strong bond to human, or any other animal.
  • Dog communicate not only with bark, they can do whines, whimpers, yawn, growls, howls with complex combination.
  • Dog also uses body language like moving tail, open/closed mouth.
  • Dog are omnivore, they can eat plant, meat, or any certain food.
  • Dog teeth are growing from depending what they are eaten. If they mostly eat meat, then the fangs are more sharpers than the dog usually eat fibre-type food. Because tooth and fang grow from chewing and biting.
  • Some dog breeds are highly intelligence. They can memorize, make sound, singing, or outside activity, and any other skill. Some breeds are trained to help police or military to help them to detect explosive things, or drugs.
  • Dog are fast move, always seeking information from their surroundings, investigating, and exploring. Some dog can run and reach up to 40 km/h.
  • Dog eyes have night vision so can see in the dark, their eyes are very great to capture every single light.
  • Dog can also feel empathy, it proved when family has baby born. Dog can protect the baby.

They can understand gestures and react to human order / voices.

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